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    Dear Dr, please advice for my case. I had receptive sex at 31 December 2018 with unknown HIV status man. He was drunken and his penis was flaccid. I think that it does not enter into my anus . But he took off the condom before i noticed. So, I'm afraid and took PEP within 14 hours from exposure. I took 28 days course and done Post PEP testings.
    at 1 month from exposure-
    SD HIV 1/2 test kit- Non Reactive
    at 3 month from exposure-
    P24 Ag/ HIV 1 & 2 Ab (ECL) test _ Non Reactive
    at 3month and 2 weeks from exposure-
    HIV 1/2 Ab test kit(Determine) - Non Reactive
    at 4 month and 2 week from exposure-
    P24 Ag/ HIV 1 & 2 Ab (ECL ) test - Non Reactive
    at 5 month and 1 week from exposure-
    HIV 1/2 Ab test kit - Non - Reactive.
    But I sufferred from TB infection at 4 month after exposure. Now i'm taking anti TB drugs. After 13 days from anti TB drugs I suffered low grade fever from 99° to 100 for more than 1 month up to now. My chest physician told me that it may be due to anti TB drugs (Drug Fever? ) . She didn't know my sexual exposure history. Today is 5 month and 2 weeks from exposure. I'm afraid that fever would be the symtoms of late seroconversion. What are my chances of HIV negative according to my test results and symptoms?
    Do I need the 6 month test to get the conclusive result?
    Thanks for your help Dr.
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    I would consider all the tests you have done conclusive. You do not have HIV. Fever is non specific, and as your doctor has pointed out, can be due to other causes as well.


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      Huge thanks for reply, Dear Dr.