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26 day exposure. On PEP.

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  • 26 day exposure. On PEP.

    Hi Doctor Tan,

    I am on PEP, from your clinic with Dr Chester. Currently it’s 26 days post exposure, just tested negative on Alere hiv combo the rapid test at AFA anonymous.

    would like to check when is it appropriate to do the hiv test? Is 26 days post exposure enough to be conclusive? I still got 4 more days of pep medication to go.
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    It is not conclusive but it certainly is very comforting.
    Based on this test I would say I am > 90% sure you do not have HIV.
    Current clinical guidelines still recommend testing for HIV 3 months post exposure for people who have taken PEP.
    That said, from my personal experience, I have never seen anyone who has taken PEP test negative at 1 month post exposure then positive at 3 months.
    In short, I think you're OK.
    The link below has more info.
    Chill man.
    HIV Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) has been established as a cornerstone of HIV prevention in the last 20 years. With newer, well-tolerated medications and better access to medical care, PEP has shown itself to be a safe and effective weapon in our arsenal against HIV infection.   Read: A Guide to HIV PrEP & HIV PEP


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      Thank you Doctor Tan.


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        5 Rounds of Condomless Vaginal Sex in 24 hours and PEP in 47th Hrs after exposure. I NEED UR ADVICE PLEASE.

        I'm a male, I had 5 rounds of condomless and unprotected sex( she cum and sqirted and I ejaculated 5 times) with an HIV positive woman within 24hrs and I am placed on PEP tablet (Efavirenz 600mg +Lamivudine 300mg + Tenofovir 300mg) within/after 48 hours of exposure..(I sexed from 23rd to 24th October and started pep on the 25th October, i started and took the first tablet at exactly the 47th hours after the first round of sex exposure.
        The pep is prescribed to last for 28 days, 1 tablet daily and today is the 17th day of taking pep.

        1. Is there hope of successful prevention of hiv since I had 5 rounds of unprotected sex instead of a single 1 round of sex? If yes, how long should I wait to go for testing?

        2. How effective is the pep prescription of EFV 600+ 3TC 300mg + TDF 300mg?

        3. Pls, with ur experience and knowledge about pep, is there any hope of successful prevention as regards to my Vagina inserting 5 rounds of sex or I'm dead already?