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    Dear Doctor.

    on the 14th of June i has a sexual happening with a lady.
    We had oral sex, receiving and giving.

    When i asked for her status to continue, she was not straight forward and came with some excuses. I did not trust the situation and went after saying goodbye to the pharmacy to take PEP. I took my first tablet Atripla 1 hour after it happen.

    after i consulted the emergency room of the hospital and they said that this PEP can be resistant to HIV. I had to take Acitega and took my first tablet in 24hours after Atripla.

    Later she confirmed she is HIV+. My feelings were right.
    i asked her about her viral load and i have seen her results. On the 12 of January (5 months before our happening) she had an undetectable viral load level. Her doctor told me its less then 20copies.

    29 days post exposure i did my 4 generation lab elisa hiv test. Also other STI were screened like hep b and c. Gonorrhea, siffilis.

    all results were negative.

    my questions to you doctor,

    do i still need to worry? Is there still a change to get hiv+?

    to be honest, how more you read on the internet how more nervous you will be. I check my lymph nodes 800 times a day. My skin on skin rashes, fever etc etc.

    What would your advise for the next step of testing?

    looking forward for your advise.

    Best, William
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