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DR GRACEEEEEE HELP ME(sorry for the repost)

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  • DR GRACEEEEEE HELP ME(sorry for the repost)

    Hey docs just another worried well here.

    Exposure- condom break CSW
    30 days Truvada PEP( Its Dubai so no legit pharmacy sells PEP,so had to stick to 2 drug PEP regimen which a doctor was selling on the low) which i guess is still effective as Chicago PEP programs and PEP-LA Program and loads of clinics in san fran still give only truvada as PEP. Sorry im not trying to be smart but im going for masters in Glasgow in 10 days and this small incident has been eating my head and did all sorts of research read every single post and research paper.

    47 days post exposure 4th gen ELISA negative(at a discreet clinic as no clinic should actually test HIV anonymously in Dubai).
    Yes Dubai isn't all sunshine and champagne.

    I'm so paranoid that i annoyed the testing clinic to confirm that its 4th gen that they actually gave the phone to the lab technician.
    should i test again 4th on 60 days(Belive me it aint like the uk where i can get 1 million tests for free its hella expensive) and im in university so i dont have cash flow.
    Been waking up daily checking for a fever(as it is the most common symptom) and loads of Reddit users say that they usually got it in 2-3 weeks.

    is it conclusive?
    As many doctors such as grace and edwin believe its fine?
    Have u guys seen any later conversions such results changing after 6.5 week post exposure.

    Haven't had any symptoms except for loose stool(not diarrhea) sometimes since like 3rd week(which ofcourse would come up on the test if it were seroconversion right?) and fatugue because of extreme anxiety and stress.
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