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Query on HIV testing after PEP

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  • Query on HIV testing after PEP

    Hey Doctors, suppose on Day 28 itself i have just finished popping the last 3 pills of PEP. Am i allowed to do 4th Gen testing immediately or would the testing be flawed? I understand the need for retest at day 90.

    Otherwise, should i wait till week 6 and do a 4th gen test then subsequently take another 3rd gen test at day 90?

    Your inputs would be much appreciated.

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    I got PEP at DTAP robertson few days back, taking Truvada 1 tablet and Isentress 2 tablet with 12 hours interval apart since it's 1 tablet 2x a day. Currently on day 7 of Pep and was wondering if i could take doxycycline acne meds concurrently with PEP, would it be alright for my liver?
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