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Symptoms while on pep and testing Help!!

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  • Symptoms while on pep and testing Help!!

    Please Help a worried person.

    I come to this forum in need of help and advice. (Male) I had unprotected oral BJ and unprotected anal sex receptive partner for around 10 mins. so stupid i was. I only ever been in a long term straight relationship and it ended then i did this which i regret and wont do again!

    I was put on PEP after 59 hours I have 4 days left of PEP its Tenofovir disoproxil & emtricitabine and Raltegravir

    The problems I have had is

    Day 5 I developed tonsillitis with white exudate on my tonsils. I was given 7 days of penicillin antibitoics which cleared the white excudate but the swelling of the tonsils remained.
    Also I was not told about drug interactions i was taking multi vitamin tablets in the morning on day 4-5-6-7 and in between taking vitamin mineral shakes that had zinc and iron in it.
    Also I did take some rennie which has magnesium in it on 2 occasions at bedtime right before my pep dose! Which i later found out interacts with raltegravir! Why didn't they tell me about this! I only found out by my own research!

    Does these interactions have the potential to fail the pep regimen? Due to magnesium, zinc and other vitamins?

    The other symptoms I have had over the last 3 weeks is

    From Day 7 swollen to the size of a kidney bean painful lymph nodes behind the knees, muscle pain in calfs, glutes and muscle above back of knees. At exactly the same time.
    Gradually the pain and slight swelling moved up through my lymph system
    Pain in groin nodes both sides
    Pain and swelling to bean size in armpit nodes
    Pain and swelling slightly in neck nodes below ears under jaw and around the back of the neck
    Pain in what i think was my spleen
    Pain is now on and off in all lymph node locations to this day its on and off but there is no more swelling the swelling lasted 2-3 days.
    Headache constant. Was very bad for one day and the back of neck lymph nodes were exceptionally painful that day, I was sensitive to light on that day
    General muscle pains all over body.
    White exudate came back on my tonsils for 5 days then went away without treatment swelling is still there.
    I had a dry cough for the first 2 weeks from 7 days
    There has been small red raised rashed but so small i cant tell if they are related to a hiv rash
    I have felt hot at times but not sure if i have had a proper fever or not.
    on day 27 i still had on off pain in my occipital lymph nodes on back of neck and throughout my lymph nodes the ones that I listed. I have pain in my stomach/ abdomen. The constant headache subsided yesterday and has not decided to come back. My tonsil on one side is still swollen after 3 weeks but no pain. I have white layer on my tounge causing bad breath aswell it scrapes off a bit but just comes back

    If you could answer some questions for me I would be very grateful,

    was all my symptoms seroconversion?

    My concern is that my pep has failed after 5 days due to the drug interactions from what you have read of what i had taken do you think this is possible?

    I did a 5th gen ag/ab test at 3 weeks post exposure home kit finger prick test and sent it to a lab it was non reactive. What would be the accuracy of this test at this point? Can I breath any easier?

    Am I right in saying that if the PEP had failed would the drugs drive the virus down to low levels so i would not get a proper p24 antigen reading on that 5th gen test due to low levels of the virus?

    I did a 3 1/2 week antibody test only finger prick at home biosure one it was negative.

    I did a alere ag/ab combo finger prick test at day 32 post exposure 2 days after PEP which was negative can I rest easy after this test?

    my tonsils are still slightly swollen and wont go down

    please help you would really help me out im very distressed

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    Just to confirm I am currently 3 days post PEP