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  • Pep

    Hi Dr Tan and partners,

    good day. 2 weeks ago, (28 of December 2019) I have met a couple in a pub. The lady was pregnant and the guy ask me to have a 3some together with the lady which is his wife. Probably because of the alcohol, I proceed. But I can't erected on that situation and I do not have any penetration sex with that lady. I only engaged in unprotected insertive oral sex within 5 minutes. Besides, I not sure that my penis tip whether to touch the lady's vaginal because I was lay on her when kissing her, I'm afraid of her vaginal fluid contact with my penis tip, but I'm sure that my dick was not inside her. So after 15 hours, I got my first pep, which is Atripla.

    1. Are this acceptable regimen?
    2. Am I at the high risk?
    3. When is the best time to get a HIV test?

    thanks Dr and wait for your kind reply.
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    1. Atripla is not the recommended regime by the US CDC or the European Clinical Society. You should discuss this with your Dr.
    2. No
    3. There are many tests for HIV to be down at different window period. Please see the attachment for details.
    HIV Window Period: When it comes to HIV testing, two of the most common questions we have are “When Can I Test for HIV?” and “Are My Results Conclusive?”


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      Glad to see your reply Dr and thanks for your comment. So which mean that a 4th generation test at the day after pep will be conclusive? And even the vaginal fluid contact with penis tip also considered low risk?
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        Hi Dr, at my day 26 of pep, I have get tested with alere combo ag/ab test, is this 90% conclusive? I'm now quite depressed due to this.