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    Hi Doctor, I got my 4th gen testing done
    at D22 - P24 index value 0.083 and antibodies were non reactive by CLIA method.

    At D30 - P24 (by immunochromatography) was mentioned as 'negative' and antibodies were non reactive by CMIA method.

    Can I consider my test to be conclusive? As there was no index value given at D30 test (its because I had changed the lab). Should I be worry free now? Many thanks.


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      Hi nava621,

      The D30 results are conclusive.



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        Hi Doctor,
        I had an encounter with a commercial sex worker. Both of us were wearing underwears and additionally I was wearing a condom too inside my undergarment. We rubbed our genitals with our underwears on and additionally I wore condoms too.

        There was absolutely no penetration.

        After I ejaculated in the condom I changed my underwear too to avoid any fluid to come in contact with my body as my underwear was in contact with her underwear.

        Tough there was light kissing on neck. And I took 'on demand/event based PrEP'

        Is there any risk of transmission?

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          Also Doctor she had put condom on my penis and while putting that she accidentally touched the innerside of condom. Could she have transferred the HIV? Though we did not start any activity before that. But if she may have any trace of fluid on her fingers before she met me. Would that be a risk factor in HIV transmission?
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