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Doctor, Please help me...thanks

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  • Doctor, Please help me...thanks

    Dear Doctor, I had oral sex with a transgender with using condom. Two hours before the sex, I shaved my pubic hair, I am not sure got cut myself or not. But, I am sure is not bleeding or painful at that area. And after the sex, both of us go clean ourself. He cleaned his hand just using normal tap water and passed me a tissue roll for wiped my private parts. I am not sure the tissues got hiv virus or not, its look clean and dry. I wiped my urethra opening area(top part of penis) and foreskin area. Is that high risk infected by hiv?

    Second day morning, I went to clinic ask for PEP treatment, they gave me a Tenvir-em and take one pill per day. Is that true? As I know Tenvir-em is uses for PREP only. PEP at least 2 or 3 drugs combination. Is Tenvir-em can work as well as PEP? Please help me.

    When I need to do a test with 4th generation test. Is that pill can delay window period of 4th generation?

    Please answer me, Doctor. I am worrying and stress. Thank doctor.

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    As your sexual exposure was protected, the overall risk of HIV is low. However, you are right to say that PEP will usually have both Tenvir-Em and another medication (e.g. Raltegravir). Alone, Tenvir-Em is only indicated for PrEP. You may do your HIV testing one month post-exposure, and repeat one for precaution at 3 months post-exposure.
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      Doctor , if I do a 4th generation test 28days after exposure , can the result can be conclusion? That also means after finish Tenvir-em, do the test directly. My risk is low, that means negligible?

      thanks for reply...


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        Hi KkF,

        1) The 4th gen test is conclusive 28 days post exposure.
        2) The risk of HIV from protected intercourse is LOW but I would not say it is negligible. You should still get tested and you should also consider testing for other more common STDs that can be transmitted through secretions, saliva, kissing or oral intercourse.


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          I did Alere 4th generation rapid test at 20days and still during Prep treatment, does the prep treatment will extend window period? The result is negative. Thanks doctor for answering my question.