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Shingles at 28

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  • Shingles at 28


    I am a 28 year old male and had a risky exposure in October 2018, unprotected vaginal sex and oral sex (both receiving and giving). Around 4 weeks ago I came down with shingles. I had a few big patches on my right shoulder blade and a few small patches on my right chest, and it cleared up within a week after starting antivirals. Now the rash is almost 100% gone and there is no pain.

    What I would like to know is if this outbreak of shingles is potentially related to HIV? A few days after my risky exposure I had a sore throat and conjunctivitis, but it went away after my doctor prescribed Azithromycin. Apart from that I have had no other symptoms that could be related to HIV except shingles. However all the information I’ve read online says that shingles is an indicator of AIDS and late stage HIV, is 6 months after HIV infection too soon to develop shingles?

    Thank you in advance for your thoughts on this matter.