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  • scared from Hiv

    dear dr tan .

    i need to ask u very brief questions hope you will reply me .

    1-i have not done any vaginal / any anal sex.
    2- she sucked my penis and condom latex rubber durex made was on my penis correctly .
    3-I kissed on her lips but i felt some abrasions in my imside lower lips can i be infected by this way.
    4-Then i sucked her nipples 15 leaking found from breast .

    after 4 weeks of this incident now i had a fever .fever with bodyache and weakness.Mild veey mild sore fever duration was 2 and a half days and when i start antibiotic fever gone but still weakness is remain.No rash no swallon lymph node.

    this above is only exposure so do you think that i could get hiv or any other stis pls reply .


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    Dear Syed

    Thank you for your enquiry. Based on the description of your sexual contact, your risk of HIV infection is low to minimal. There is a possible risk of STD infection. Your fever, bodyaches and weakness could be from an upper respiratory tract infection. However, if there is still anxiety and concern, I would recommend you to drop by for a consultation or speak to your doctor and undergo screening tests for peace of mind.

    Hope this information is helpful and have a great day!

    Dr Edwin Ong


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      Hi dr, thanks your reply.

      Today I am feeling much better, I went to dr and he asked CBC test and all are ok.dr said your fever was viral.
      You said low to minimal, so it means that hiv is not an issue to me.


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        Dear Dr,

        Can you please suggest me how much percentage % are to get me HIV.
        Can you suggest which my sexual act can be a minimal cause of HIV as described above.


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          Hi Syed, I am glad to hear you are feeling better. It is not possible to quantify your exact HIV risk and give you an exact percentage, but based on what you have said, transmission is highly unlikely.


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            today i felt my right side below ear lymph node little swallow but there is no pain .should i need to worry now for HIV.But how it is possible because i have not done any vaginal or anal or even not done risky oral sex.

            really worried...


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              Lymph node swelling is a non specific sign and does not always indicate HIV. It can happen in any sort of viral infection as well.

              If it persists I suggest you see your doctor again.


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                it is there in my neck but no pain .my fever is completely finished .I do not have any pain in my swallow lymph is not too much swalling only when i touched then i felt it under my right ear


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                  dear doctors.

                  it means as per above episode of my sex history i m not in risk of hiv .right.


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                    As I said before, your risk is very minimal. There is no harm in doing a HIV test for peace of mind.


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                      Ok thanks dr, I will do test and will inform you.


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                        one last question that usuall hiv lymph nodes does give pain or painless.


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                          my lymph node not too much swell it was very small by touching but i was feeling ot and now it has gone by it own .do u think hiv lymph node appear in this way and disappear by it own.i never felt pain .pls teach me


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                            dear dr .
                            i m waiting ur reply


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                              can u pls teach me or answer me dear dr