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Possibility to contact hiv via genital rubbing?

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  • Possibility to contact hiv via genital rubbing?

    Hi doctor, I am very worried about a recent incident with a sex worker. There is absolutely no intercourse or penetration (as there was no intent of doing that), but during the incident she has rub her vagina over the lower part of my penis for 2 to 3 mins. Just note that I am not circumcise.

    What will be the chance that I am will be infected with HIV?
    This is driving me mad and I am having severe anxiety because of this.

    Please help doctor.


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    Your risk of HIV from the abovementioned situation is virtually negligible. However, other STDs like syphilis and herpes are possible so it may still be best to consult a doctor and do appropriate STD screening.


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      Thanks doctor! You guys are very responsible and supportive. Thanks for that!

      Just one thing I forgot to mention, I am suspecting that I may have Chlamydia or gonorrhoea from that incident (which should be unlikely) as I have swollen scrotum. Going for a test. Assume if I am diagnosed with Chlamydia, does it mean the risk for hiv is still negligible?


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        Hi doctor, really appreciate if you can tell me my risk is still low. I'm getting into a sever anxiety and constant feeling that I have the ars symptoms.. thank you so much .


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          Dear Chtan,

          Please do get checked out for the scrotal swelling. Sometimes, infections like Chlamydia can go to testicle/epididymis which can result in pain and swelling.

          We know that existing STDs can increase your risk of HIV. Having said that, as Dr Grace has pointed out, your risk is negligible. If you are very concerned, do get a full STD screen and close this chapter behind you after.

          Thank you


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            what if only the tip enters the vagina? can i get hiv ? Thank you so much!