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Performed unprotected oral sex

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  • Performed unprotected oral sex

    Hi Dr,

    ​​​​​​1) I have provided unprotected oral sex to a guy which meet online, afterthat I realised that my edge lips (outer part) has small wound (sore) but was dried. Can I get HIV transmitted thru this way? After job done, brushed my teeth and spitting no bleed found in it.

    2) As I read thru website that pre-cum will carried hiv virus but the volume lesser than semen. As my scenario at 1 question, will I at risk of hiv? When can I get tested? After 28days?

    Many thanks if you can answered all my question.
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    Hi, thanks for your question. The risk of HIV transmission from giving oral sex is very minimal. Please refer to the table showing risk of HIV transmission for various exposure routes. Nevertheless, there is still a theoretical risk, and for peace of mind you may wish to get tested and it would be recommended to do testing after 28 days.


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      Thanks Dr Edwin for answered my questions, as I visited DTAP bencoolen side. She said also same thing as you but I don't know whether I need take PEP treatment or not


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        Hi Cartios, PEP is a treatment that needs to be started within 72 hours of exposure, the earlier the better. So if your exposure was over 72 hours ago, we will not be able to provide you the treatment. PEP is recommended for individuals who have been exposed to high risk sexual activity. It sounds like your mode of exposure does not call for PEP, but it would be best to evaluate that with a doctor in a formal setting. If you are still within the 72 hour time frame and are keen to learn more about PEP or take PEP, feel free to drop by for a discussion. I am based at our Siglap branch.


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          Hi Doctor Edwin, as I let bencoolen doctor saw my sore and she said the risk quite low. I'm also confused now, whether I need to take PEP treatment as I just passed my 24hrs only. Where your located?


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            Hi Cartios, I would most likely be in agreement with my colleague, but would be most glad to assess you again if you are keen to drop by for a consult. My clinic location is 914 East Coast Road, #01-04 The Domain, Singapore 459108. Tel: 6962 2144.