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  • Dry mouth

    Hello Doctor. Hope this finds you well. Its been some year since i had partly some unprotected sex with someone. Now for about the past almost 1 month i have gotten a very very dry mouth
    with one cancker sore. Also very dry lips and at times sore tongue. Strange symptom to have. Ive been worrying myself silly and tend to be a bit of a hypochondriac as well. Have been very stressed and down for awhile now obsessing over my dry mouth. Today i went for test for Thyroid and Blood sugar and will await the results. I know HIV/aids has a lot of symptoms including dry mouth which seems to pop up everywhere when googling about dry mouth issues. Im unsure whether or not chronic stress and obsessing about this is making my dry mouth symptoms even worse. Many thanks!

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    Dear .

    pls never focus on symptoms.Do not search google a lot .it will creat ur more anxiety.Now this episode has been over about 1 month and i know u would be only searching internet to get to know about ur symptoms and not have courage enough to go for the hiv test because of the fear of Godforbid if i would have this disease then what i ll do .I have seen lot of cases in gulf and only one solution to get over this anxiety is to go for the hiv fourth generation test .after one month the fourth generation hiv test is very near to conclusive and it will give u a huge peace of mind and u can sleep with great peace.Bit please again retest after 12 weeks to make sure u do not have hiv .Because u were involve condomless unprotected sex so risk is there.But majority of the cases people do not acquire this disease in some attempts but yes some acquired in very first attempt it depends on the viral load .Please go to hospital and do the hiv fourth generation test be brave .i know it is very difficult because of fear of hiv but one day you have to do the test so why not now .if it comes negative then u ll be flying in the air and of GODFORBID it is positive then reconfirm the test by western blot test .Of it come again positive then start medication immediately to safe your life for the further complications.Hiv is not the death sentence now a days only u need to take medicine and enjoy rest of ur life .pls go for the test i hope u would be negative and will be smiling .