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HIV risk penile small cut and symptoms

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  • HIV risk penile small cut and symptoms

    Hello doctor,

    I had protected vaginal sex with an unknown status person. Although I used a condom, about 1/4 of the penis shaft was not covered and in that area I had small cuts that had very small blood visible. What is my risk of HIV? I had diarrhea as the main symptom and tiredness after 2 weeks. I am extremely worried because the vaginal fluid would certainly have entered my very small cuts that perhaps were fresh. Please advice as I am scared

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    Thank you for your question. From the above scenario mentioned, the risk of HIV is present and especially as you are not aware of the sexual health status of your partner, I would strongly advise you to undergo HIV testing after the window period of 28 days from exposure. Take care.


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      Thank you for your response. I have read everywhere online that they mention small cuts even with vaginal fluids will not lead to infection and there is just a theoretical risk. Are they accurate? Your answer is more conservative and was wondering how do you base your answer? I respect the advice and want to learn more. Thanks