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HIV & Reccurent mouth ulcer

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  • HIV & Reccurent mouth ulcer

    Dear doc
    I had multiple negative HIV test ( 6 weeks, 10 weeks & 14 weeks) after my last possible exposure 5 month ago.
    I am concerned that I still may be HIV positive since I have had unusual reoccurrences of mouth ulcers in the past 4 month.
    Are mouth ulcers a sympton of HIV, especially my RAS?
    Do i need more test?
    I have seen instances where they were associated with AIDS, but nothing had been said if they are common during the 10 or so years before the onset of AIDS. Your help is appreciated.

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    Do not need to worry dear .After 14 weeks if the hiv test result comes negative then u are 100% negative .My suggestion is to go and get test for all venereal disease .If all come negative then go and see the dr for the oral sores.