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Sudden breakout of rashes

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  • Sudden breakout of rashes

    Dear Drs,

    I went for a massage 3 weeks back and did not have unprotected sex with the masseuse. There was however a handjob involved and a little touching of the masseuse's genital area (unexposed).

    No fever, flu, sore throat and/or other symptoms apart from getting an onset of rashes on the upper body for no apparent reason unless it is an allergy of some sort. I have attached pics for your reference and advice. It is only itchy at night during sleep and spreading fast. I might wish to mention that I have eczema (atopic dermatitis) as a medical condition as well.

    Could you let me know if I should come by for a test as I understand rashes are a symptom of ARS?
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    Please do not be worried
    Your kind of exposure does not put you at any risk of getting HIV
    From your pic your rash looks like pityriasis rosea

    I would say that it can also be secondary Syphilis except for the fact that 3 weeks is much too short a period to develop secondary Syphilis

    Just for everyone else's education : HIV ARS can look like that. But as you can see, it looks bad but similar to many other diagnoses including eczema

    So in conclusion for you:
    1. Do not worry about HIV
    2. See a Dr to diagnose the rash. My guess is Pityriasis Rosea, I would be nice if you got back to this forum and let me know if I am right.


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      A million thanks for your prompt reply and diagnosis. I will be seeing a General Practitioner soon and willl reply at the soonest!


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        Hi Dr Tan,

        It was not diagnosed as Pityriasis Rosea but rather a different form of eczema as it is a pre-existing condition. He did mention that it is not infected (dry) and it does not look like hiv or secondary syphillis rashes. I also did a blood test just in case, of which I am waiting for results for.

        Thanks for your advice earlier.


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          Thanks for the update.