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  • hiv symptoms

    hi doc

    i had unprotected oral sex(cunnilingus and fellatio)with csw 2month day after my body fatigue until now.

    i do hiv test 4 times
    5days after by eclia hiv/hiv 2 non reactive
    21days after by elisa ag/ab non reactive
    21days after by rapid test non reactive
    43days after by elisa ag/ab non reactive
    60days after,hbv/hcv non reactive

    currently(70days after) i have 3 swollen lymph nodes below the both jaw(neck),everytime fatigue,rash at upper part of the leg/thigh,itchy,my hand always numbness,lower back pain and always sore throat in the morning.high liver enzyme refer the blood test

    1)is the hiv test conclusive doc?
    2)the symptoms is relate with hiv?
    3)do i need to retest again or move on?

    hopefully doc can answers my question
    thank you

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    Hi. I answered your question in another thread.
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      do i need test again doc?
      rash,fatigue and swollen lymph nodes still have in my body.
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