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    Hi Dr,
    I tested for HIV using alere determine by finger prick method and it came back negative. I then tested again by venipuncture and it came back positive. The doctor repeated the test with unigold and stat pak and and it came back negative. My last potential exposure was August 2014. I have all the HIV symptoms. Please am I now HIv positive or negative?

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    You would have to speak to the doctor who did your tests to explain your results properly. If the blood test showed a positive result, it would have to be followed up with a Western Blot confirmation test. In general, all diagnostic HIV algorithms would require positive results from at least 2 types of tests to be deemed a true positive. If you have any further concerns, it is best to speak to your doctor, or visit one of our clinics for a consultation and evaluation.


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      Thank you Dr. Jonathan,
      My doctor is actually tired of seeing my face because I have become a bug. He thinks am just paranoid. But the symptoms are what is driving me crazy.
      In my country when you test positive to alere determine but negative to unigold and stat pak you are presumed to be negative. But my concerns are the real symptoms that am producing. My doctor agreed with me that the symptoms are related to that of HIV but he is insisting am negative. He also ordered a DBS PCR test which came back negative. In my country western blot is not used. As I type now I have headache, fever,rashes, joint pains especially on my limbs,white tongue, sore throat,mouth ulcer, chest pain, stomach pain,wet rectum,etc.
      1. Why is that with alere determine I tested positive when blood was drawn from my vein on the arm but NEGATIVE when the same alere determine was used on my blood by finger prick method?
      2.If I had got all the results above from your lab what would have been your advice?
      Please note that my last exposure was August 2014 and the tests results were got in 2018.
      Please assist.
      Thank you.