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  • Stressed out

    I am a male.
    Had vaginal sex with a call girl by using 2 condoms on one another at a single exposure. The condom was not broke.
    After 2 weeks had stomach bloating and having the bloating and severe gases for last 2 weeks.
    Now after 4 weeks I am having severe gases, nausea, chills, n severe gases n muscle pain. No fever.

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    Plz reply docter. I am having weakness too now


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      Maybe you're infected with some bacteria you get it the same day or days after that event. Remember what type of food did you ate. And also go with a doctor for some medical exams.


      • Dr Tan Kok Kuan
        Dr Tan Kok Kuan commented
        Editing a comment
        I completely agree with this. Do not jump to conclusions. You are probably assuming your symptoms are due to an STI. They may or may not be. Go see a Doctor and get tested if necessary

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      Omg. It's terrible my friend.