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Hiv test after pep

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  • Hiv test after pep

    I had a high risk blood exposure on June 25, two weeks before I had another exposure for which I took pep for.
    i have done so many tests to test for hiv 1 and 2. The most recent was 7 weeks after pep (Elisa for hiv 1&2), which was negative. Also now 12 weeks after pep shows that I’m negative by the fourth gen rapid antibody test. My worry is for hiv2 since the person was infected with it, and we already did a pcr to rule out hiv 1.
    I still have symptoms like skin burning, mouth smelling, stomach problems and gas, skin rashes, and I don’t pass urine often unlike before - it can stay for many hours.

    my question is:
    -Are the results conclusive? Or do I need to wait for another three months.
    -Could the earlier infection that I did not take pep for be seen now, even if I took pep two weeks after the possible infection?
    -Could the window period be extended more than 30 days if it is hiv 2?

    Best regards,
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    Your test results are conclusive. PEP does not delay any seroconversion and the ELISA would have covered for HIV2 as well.



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      Thank you for your reply, Dr. Zeng.


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        Hi Doctor,
        Does the strip test for antibodies (rapid test) also check for hiv 2? Or is it just hiv 1?


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          Hi CMK,

          Depends on the kinds of test strips. Typically they check for both HIV 1 and 2. Check with the doctor that administered the test for you


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            Ok, thank you Dr.


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              Hi Dr. Shanyong,
              I checked with the doctor and he said that the strip test he used checked for both hiv 1 and 2. However, there is definitely something wrong and the symptoms are a lot.

              Since I understand that Hiv 2 takes longer to manifest than hiv 1, could the three months to six months window period be what I should wait for before I say that they are conclusive?

              (I took a test two days ago and the results came out negative by Elisa test - which checks for both strains). It’s three months since I finished pep, and four and half months since the exposure which I did not take pep for.

              I was thinking of doing a PCR HIV 2 test, but it will take long before it is done because there are few machines. Is this something you would recommend?

              best regards,
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                Hi CMK,

                I would still say that your ELISA test is conclusive and there is no need for any HIV PCR tests.

                If you still persistently have symptoms, you should still speak with your doctor. Not everything is HIV related.