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Hiv 4th gen rapid test on day 28 of pep

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  • Hiv 4th gen rapid test on day 28 of pep

    Hi sir

    I got a risk from Thai sex worker while I'm finished i removed comdom in wrong method causing my tip of panis and inside forskin contract to vaginal fluid and decided to going on pep protocol after 18hours

    I just got 4Th gen rapid test in Japan which came out negative today. I got test before 2 hour last dose of pep because tomorrow clinic will be close.

    I also read your article about testing after pep immediately will not getting wrong .

    The thing made me crazy is I got an cold about 14December(19day before risk ) and remainly got a cough for last 1month and a half till today.

    Today and yesterday I got cold symtom back again with painful headache, Runny nose, sneezingsneezing, back pain, and malaise . With no rash and swollon lympnode at all

    This could be only Upper respiratory tract infection Ars symtoms?

    I'm freeking out Because i heard that after getting cold , body will developed an antibody to fight against the virus. So if this is not a common virus so will Hiv cause this ???

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    I would consider your HIV 4th gen test result conclusive.

    There are multiple viruses that cause what people usually call a cold (cough, runny nose, sore throat, fever etc). Rhinovirus is one of the most common. But other viruses like adenovirus etc can also cause similar symptoms.

    Common infections happen commonly and even after getting one cold, you can still fall ill from another.

    I do suggest if you are worried about HIV, just do a retest at 3 months and then let it go.


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      Dear Dr. Grace Huang ,

      Good evening !

      Thank you for the answer .
      im really appreciate .

      Today I went to clinic because my cough symptom to went really bad .

      Dr. Give me a influenza rapid test. And I got result that i got a influenza type b .

      I would say I'm happy to heard that I got influenza .

      and I will get another test at 3 months mark to be sure

      Best regard .