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CD4 tests for HIV

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  • CD4 tests for HIV

    If the person is going for CD4 test so can we get to know at what stage is HIV level or risk he/she is ?
    Last edited by KevinN88; 02-06-2019, 01:47 PM.

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    Dear Kevin

    Thank you for your question

    You can find out more information here. CD4 test is used to determine effectiveness of HIV treatment together with other parameters such as viral load count.

    Their stage of HIV treatment if checking for CD4 count is usually at a stage where it is positive

    If you know of someone who has concerns regarding HIV, or even concerns that you are facing, please do not hesitate to make an appointment to discuss this confidentially with us in clinic

    Best wishes

    HIV Treatment (HAART) and Management in Singapore is available to local and foreign individuals living with HIV. A discreet and comfortable space is provided to discuss their medical issues or get medication and expert care from experienced doctors to ensure their general health and well-being.


    • KevinN88
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      Hi Doc, one my me relatives been going through testing every 3 month for CD4 and CD3, since last 8 years, he is been prescribed with generic medicine by doctor but i don't see any improvement. Itching, body weight loss, too much sleeping, tiredness, in active body support, and he mostly forget things not able to remember. At age 57 what will be the correct opinion from your side if am not able to make him travel for long distance or even out of station.

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    Dear Kevin,

    It is good that you are concerned about your relatives. The best thing I can say is to get him to see a doctor for a full clinical picture. I would not be able to give you advice without having seen him before or knowing his entire story.

    Hope that helps