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    Hello. I want to ask if sharing food and utensils with someone who is + is something to be concerned about. This happened twice, the first one was about 5 weeks ago and the other 4 weeks ago. More than a week ago, I had a lot of red bumps on my chest. And then now, 4 weeks after the last time I shared food with someone, I have a mild sore throat, some achy muscles and headaches. These came on so suddenly. I usually get a sore throat when I eat too much sweets or drink too much soda and cold drinks or when I don't get enough sleep or when I get surrounded by smokers or when I clear my throat so much from post-nasal drip. I have not done any of these. And the throat pain just came on suddenly. I slept and when I woke up, I could feel that pain in my throat. This was coupled by achy muscles and headaches. And they appeared at 3-4 weeks after the food sharing incident.

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    Dear FebQuartz

    I penned an article on how HIV might be spread

    There is NO way of transmission through the sharing of utensils. One does require fluid exchange for this to occur.

    If you are concerned about the symptoms, please see us in clinic for a further assessment.

    I hope this article and the stats reassure you

    The neighbouring country has just built a wall to keep outsiders out. These outsiders do not have a passport and are trying to get over the wall through different means. The HIV virus is one of these outsiders, they will try all means to get across the wall We will discuss in this article,  the


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      Thank you for your response, Doctor. Just one more follow up question and I hope you still provide a response. You said that sharing utensils is okay but how about sharing the food itself. We were using different spoons but we were eating the food on one plate so the spoon that the other person was using also touched the food that I was eating. Should this be a concern? How about if the other person has sores and I also have sores? I hope you still answer this question. Thanks.