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Strep Throat/Mono Symptoms 3 days after risky contact

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  • Strep Throat/Mono Symptoms 3 days after risky contact

    Hello doctor,

    I think I am losing my mind over reading all the academic papers and websites related to this issue and now I think it might be helpful to consult a professional.

    6 days ago I had an anal intercourse as the insertive partner (though a pretty short period of around 1-2 minutes of receptive episode also happened) unfortunately unprotected, with whom I do not know the HIV status. A little less than 72 hours after of the possible exposure (around 65 hours I think), I woke up with a terrible sore throat and a couple of hours later I felt the sore throat, fever followed. It has risen up to around 38.5 C. I had an enormous fatigue/muscle-body ache as well. I had a headache also.

    I first thought of the COVID-19 and immidiately made a PCR test, which turned out negative. Then I visited the doctor and he said I had Strep throat. I had a puss like whiteness all over my tonsils. He prescribed me antibiotics and I came home. To note here, he didnt perform a test to check whether it was a strep throat. So I am not even sure how he decided that it was a strep, not a mono anyways.

    Antibiotics lowered my fever to around 36.8-36.9, 24 hours after the first dose. My fatigue and body aches also disappeared once fever lowered. 48 hours after the first dose, my throat was much better and I had no pain swallowing anymore.

    Although it seems like antibiotics worked, I am so anxious over the possibility whether it could be Acute HIV Infection Symptoms, and the effect of antibiotics is a coincidence (I have read that Acute HIV Symptoms may also last for a few days, for me the symptoms lasted mostly for around 3 days). Is there any concrete possibility that the HIV's acute early symptoms can start as early as 3 days? Some websites (namely everyday health) do suggest that they can crop as early as 3 days but most other resources say its usually about 2-4 weeks after the infection and 7 days after the infection is a rare incident.

    Do you think there is any medical ground for a possible set of acute HIV symptoms after 3 days?

    Thank you very much in advance
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    I still think it's most likely pharyngitis. Acute Retroviral Syndrome typically happen 2 weeks to 4 weeks after exposure.

    However, I would still advise you to get tested in view of the nature of the exposure.