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  • Drinking

    Sir and ma'am please help with my question please. I shared drinking with person living with + status. I didnt thought of it before but then I remembered that he have small cut on his mouth and it was bled before. And I remembered also that I have a wound that is sonewhat big and was also bled sometimes. And then after one week, I started experiencing things. There is mild pain in throat, tender and painful lymp node area, headache sometimes also. I have not been able to relax and sleep properly since. Please sir and ma'am, help me assess my situation. Please please.

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    Hi and thank you for the question

    You cannot get HIV from sharing drinks
    You should see a Doctor about your symptoms and obvious anxiety
    Top 5 Myths on how you can get infected with HIV Mosquitoes Truth: Sounds scary by fortunately is a complete myth. First of all we know that the HIV virus dies


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      Hi Sir Doctor Tan. I did CMIA Ag/Ab test on 22 days. How much accurate is this test? You said on your answer last time that sharing drinks is okay. How about if other person has cut in mouth which had bled and I also have wound in mouth that had bled sometimes? The nurse or plebotomist or pathologist in hospital said I still need to make sure. And Ma'am Doctor Grace answered someone who has same question as mine also said that. Please assess my situation. Is 22 day test okay? Should I be concerned about this scenario? I hope you help me by answering my questions, Doctor Tan.
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