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    Thanks for docs or anyone spending time reading my story and answering my questions.
    First the story is I had three times of gay anal sex with the same person differently at 16 Mar, 18 Mar and 16 April. The first one was unprotected, and the other two were with condoms. Also during the first two, I had an open wound on one of my fingers caused by ambustion. I can make sure there was no blood or semen on it but maybe some lube mixed liquid. I started using Genvoya as my PEP medicine at 19 Mar, around 64 hours since the first exposure. I finished the whole 28 days PEP, actually 30 days cuz I took all the 30 pills. And tested negative at 18 April with the fourth generation ag/ab test. But days after the completion of PEP I started to experiencing a lot of symptoms can be related to acute symptoms until now. I went to hospital did all exams and tests no exact reasons found. Which makes me really worried. I did another ag/ab test at 2 May, also negative.
    Here are my questions wishing to be answered, first, should I consider the last two actions as high risk behaviour to calculate my window period? Second does PEP or the medicine-Genvoya I took extend window period? If it does, how long should I keep testing to get a conclusive answer? Are these two tests I did so far meaningful? If I go to do an ag/ab test plus a 20copies HIV RNA test after 16 May, if both negative, even if the symptoms continue, can it be conclusive? And last, the other person promised to do a test at 15 May, if it's negative then, whether it's fourth generation or third generation test, while at the same time I still have these symptoms, can it mean all our actions have no risk and I don't need to keep testing? Because he claimed himself healthy and tested negative at 12 April. But I found out he had either protected or unprotected sex with at least two other people during our three actions. So he may be in window period.
    Now with those unknown symptoms I'm super stressed and at the edge of breaking down. And I'm so regret that I did all wrong and stupid choices that put myself in the situation today, although it's useless to regret. Hope docs can help me with some of my questions. Thanks a lot.
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