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Alere determine hiv combo test at 38 days post exposure

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  • Alere determine hiv combo test at 38 days post exposure

    Hi doctor.. I would like to ask you.. I took alere determine hiv combo test at my 38th day post exposure.. It this test of mine conclusive? Did i take the test late or early Or there is still a chance that my hiv status will change? I was adviced to take a test again at the 90 days or more.. Thank you i hope you can help me.. It is driving me crazy

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    Alere Determine HIV combo tests are extremely sensitive, in fact as good as 100%, 28 days from exposure. In my opinion your test is conclusive.


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      Thank you for your reply doctor this made my day.... I know symptoms do not matter when it come to hiv.. But what is this i am feeling right now.. I feel nauseous sometimes i am like floating in the air some body aches like thingling shaking or numb muscles in the thigh area the whole day and when i wake up.. I cannot sleep when i wake up i feel like i have fever but when i check my temperature it is in the normal range.. I have no swollen glands no fever no rash.. So in your honest opinion.. Is this i am feeling right now is caused by anxiety stress fear not hiv??? Thank you


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        Doctors??? Please help


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          your symptoms sounds more like anxiety. for further info, please visit our nearest clinic.


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            Doctor do i need to test again?