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HIV Testing after PEP with 4th Gen Rapid

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  • HIV Testing after PEP with 4th Gen Rapid

    Hi Dr Tan and Team

    I have read many posts on here and feel I'm in the same category as many people. Which is worrying way to much. Your replys to testing confidence and accuracy seem very confident and reassuring.
    I had a possible exposure 12 weeks ago and took PEP at 36hrs and took every day for 28days. I have tested non reactive with 4th Gen Rapid Immunochromatographic test (not not sure the brand) using serum at a HIV clinic in Bangkok at day 0 , day 28, day 56 and also day 70. I'm starting to feel confident that all is well, but I cant shake the feeling that it's not 100% accurate. Many things I have read online contradict how confident you are. Especially about PEP not extending window period and accuracy of Rapid 4th Gen HIV test.
    Please I'm looking for some advice. Do I keep going back to get tested at day 84 or wait the full 12 weeks plus 4 for the addition time taking PEP.

    Apologies for the long message.
    Thanks for your advice.