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  • Please help me

    Dr i had unprotected sex with a male, im the top, at the first time i use the condom then at the last time i took off the condom, maybe about 2 minute expose (unprotected) i had alere combo test at 7, 14, 18, 21, 27, 31 days post expose all the results is negative, doctor do i need to test again? Thank you i hope you can help me.

    I truly appreciate your reply for this

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    You do not need to test again
    You did not contract HIV from this exposure
    You can watch the YouTube video for more information on the HIV testing window periods


    • wayne1991
      wayne1991 commented
      Editing a comment
      i have recently done a PCR-RNA test on 13days post exposure and results are not detected and Determine-Alere Combo Tests at 22 and 28days post exposure, both are negative. i also did a std test 28 days post exposure which syphillis negative on Tp-pa and RPR (VDRL), chlamydia and gonorrhea negative on PCR test. herpes 1 and 2 negative and also HIV 1 and 2 ag/ab ECLIA test not detected.

      since PCR-RNA test is specific for HIV 1 and the Alere test p24-antigen is also specific to HIV 1 Only. my question is how accurate and conclusive the above results are for HIV 2? does hiv 2 and hiv 1 share the same window period.

      Does my results above conclusive that i do not have hiv.

      Thanks in advance