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Here In New Delhi Sexologist gave me and he said take this medicine and you will be save Pep Started ( 23rd May 2019) Exposure date 16th May 2019
I had 2 test Tridot and TPH test . both came Negative and Non reactive -Day 31st after exposure while on pep( 21/6/19) Last dose completed on 22/6/19
Clia Test for HIV1 and Hiv2 on 42nd day from exposure - 7 days post pep from Max Hospital ,
CBC, LFT,KFT, all reports normal as per the doctor
Elisa Method Duo Test on 19th July 2019 along with TPHA Test - both came Negative -- 63 days post exposure and 28 days post pep
4rth test PCR RNA on 92nd day post exposure and 56 days post pep . VDRL test Also- Non reactive and Undetectable
last test 115 days post pep Elisa test for antibodies for hiv1 and hiv2 - Negative .
now my concern are my test are conclusive , do I need any more test to get clear I Am Negative .
till 16th of may 2019 till today no sexual activity with any my wife also
As same say in India that post pep 6 months tested needed and same say post exposure 3 month its conclusive and same say 3 months post pep is conclusive . lots of diversity .
unable to understand to whom to follow .
CDC guideline say something different . what exactly their guidelines not able to make out .
I have read all question put on the forum and replied by Dr Tan and partners .
I found Dr tan and partners views are very very helpful to all the people who post their question and doubts . they clear all their doubts and question with clear and honest intention which is really amazing and difficult to find now a days in India . Here every doctor have their own opinion .
where as my concerned is Dr Tan and partner opinion for me. I will be very grateful if they give their own opinion also.
hereby Its humble request To Dr Tan Partners plz give their valuable opinion on my post . as I am unable to get confidence about my status .
plz obliged me and help me plz
I request and I beg u
I plead u
plz advise is my test are conclusive to be free from HIV and Other STD .
your efforts and cooperation is highly apricated
thanks with Best regards