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Hiv vidaa duo ultra ag/ab at 45 days

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  • Hiv vidaa duo ultra ag/ab at 45 days


    I had a unprotected sex exposure on 17th of September 2019 (ONE TIME EXPOSURE) in a japanese bathhouse, i was insertive top and it was breif around 5 minutes. I had tested negative with oraquick fingerstick method on day 20, 24th, 30, 34, 36, 40 negative all using fingerstick method. Then i did a 4th generation vidas hiv duo ultra ag/ab in the lab at day 45 after exposure negative additionally with other std tests including hepa and ghonorea vdrl chlamidya pcr method (all negative). I did another oraquick at 48 also negative. Is my 4th generation tests accurate at day 45 days? Should i be concerned? I did not get any symptoms as of now and my anxiety level is high reading conflicting information in the web.

    i read that 97% will show positive at 3 month mark so does that mean i need to test again at 6 month? If i tested insti self test at 84 days or 90 days is that conclusive?

    I am at day 52 now after exposure and tested negative oraquick rapid hiv 1 and 2 fingerstick method

    Please help
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    Dr pls, is it ever possible to have unprotected sex and not contract HIV from positive source?


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      Hi can someone please respond? What test should i do? Should i retest at 90 days?