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Testing accuracy for oral sex

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  • Testing accuracy for oral sex

    Hi doc, i received oral sex(insertive fellatio) with condom, both close and open mouth kissing but spit saliva out everytime kiss. Also rub my protected genital around her body but with condom, No genital to genital contact. It was with a sex worker found online(not legal).
    1. Tested using 4th gen rapid test(blood prick) at AFA after 34days . Result negative. Conclusive?
    2. I heared from other doctors that 4th gen rapid test is not accurate at all for recent infection.
    3. Are 4th gen/3rd Gen or elisa lab test more accurate than 4th gen rapid test? If my test are not accurate and if i test again which test are accurate/conclusive test?
    4. If i am testing for all hiv/std, would 81days result be conclusive? (As in no need to test again anymore) or do i need to wait exactly 90days?
    Thank you so much doctor appreciate!

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    1. Yes conclusive
    2. That is interesting
    3. There are many different brands and types of rapid tests as well as lab tests. You cannot make such a general comparison.
    4. Well, the common consensus is 3 months. Interpret it as 84 days or 90 days. There is really no difference
    HIV Window Period: When it comes to HIV testing, two of the most common questions we have are “When Can I Test for HIV?” and “Are My Results Conclusive?”


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      Firstly thank you so much doctor, your reply really help save me. I was having hiv anxiety,depression because i visited alot of doctor and all told me differently. AFA(Action for aids) said my test are conclusive no need test anymore, but private doc and polyclinic told me rapid test cannot be reliable and not accurate to detect hiv, best is after 90days go for lab test(blood drawn from vein) to have conclusive result. Because of this, doc should i go for another 4th gen rapid test tmr? (70days) and go for another elisa test on 90days at dsc? Or theres no need to test for hiv anymore? I am planning to test for other stds as i haven tested yet so really confuse if i should add in hiv elisa test in? Thank you so much doctor really hope i am able to get you reply! Appreciate


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        I agree with AFA. Your tests are conclusive