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Worried! Please help me.

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  • Worried! Please help me.

    Hello doc,

    On 8th of november -19 i did have anal sex without condom with a transexual Escort, couple of days (4-5) My lymph nodes started do swell and and hurt ( groin,armpit,neck etc.) Also got spots on My head,back,arms (red spots) and itchy. No apetite and headach almost everyday. (NO FEVER AT ALL) , sore throut.

    Did a HIV AG/AB (lab test)after 1 week (negative)

    Did a PCR RNA test for both hiv-1 and Hiv 2 after 18 days (negative).

    Did a HIV AG/AB (lab test)after 14 days (negative)

    Did a HIV AG/AB (lab test)after 26 days (negative) + RNA PCR (negative)

    Did a HIV AG/AB (lab test)after 32 days (negative)

    Did a rapid Quick test (AB) after 34 days (negative)

    Should I stop with the HIV testing do you think its conclusive that im not infected with HIV?

    Thank you. Please

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    Please im getting so depressed here and suicide thought all the time please any doctor can you answer me.. i Still got symtoms and My stomach have been making rumbling Noise for almost 2 weeks now. My lymph nodes are not swollen anymore. Only Lost all apitite almost Lost 4kg in 5 weeks now.


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      What i am puzzled is, if you are so anxious and desperate, why don’t go to a specialist or a hospital instead of waiting desperately for a reply in a forum?


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        Hi Jot, because the HIV specialist here in Sweden says that I have to wait until 12 weeks for a conclusive result


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          If you have tested negative at 32 days with a rapid duo test its already conclusive. I just did mine at 27 days and im already assured its conclusive.

          your symptoms are based on other viruses or infections that you should see a doctor about, quickly.


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            Hi Jot ,

            I know but already took a general blood test at the doctor and everything came back normal.

            I got new results today (40) days post ex ( negative Hiv/AG/AB (lab) negative

            But Still have symtoms , No apetite spots , stomach constipation and No apitite att all.

            What is wrong with me??


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              from the looks of it, you are suffering from anxiety and extreme stress. Obviously you are already cleared of hiv. So go have a good sleep and rest and put this behind you once and for all.


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                Yes I know that extreme stress can make a lot of symtoms, but I know that is something really wrong with me (extreme fatigue,stomach grumbling that dont ever stop,headach almost everyday, red spots on My head , with ulcers on the Side of My tounge, constipation, joint etc. My glands where swollen and sore for olmost 2 weeks (all My Body) . And THE test Still come negative .

                Can I really consider it conclusive?? Is it like 100% sure??


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                  Please any doctors?? I really really need your opinion om this please would make my life much easy.


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                    Dr Tan? Please should l consider it conclusive after 40 days? I really have to move on with My life . Just can you give me a reply please wold mean THE world to me.


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                      I believe im the result that NO test is 100% conclusive at 28 days!!


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                        Hi, I'm in the US and I'm going through the same thing as you. I had un protected sex with some hiv + and not on meds. Since then, I have severe joint and muscle pain, thrush, fatigue like I've never seen, neuropathy in my feet, numbness in my hands, my arms and hand constantly goes to sleep, swollen lymph nodes in my neck, pain in groin and armpits, all my muscles twitching at the same time. Extreme pressure in my nose. I took 4 gen and rna with full panel std all negative at 3 months. Did it again at 4 and 5 months all negative. Dec 31 will be six months and I will test again.


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                          Im so sorry for your situation, this is a nightmare to live with
                          What does your doctor say about it? Is it related to Hiv or?

                          For me Im 100% sure its Hiv because i have never in my life experiencrd this kind of symtoms in My life.


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                            My doctor's or telling me it's not HIV. I did a Tuberculosis test which came back postive but I was exposed in 2005 and took treatment and was told I will always test postive so I did a chest xray which was clear but I had a bad cough with chest pain so I gave a septum sample that I coughed up. That was a few weeks ago. My infectious disease doctor called me Wednesday and said some bacteria is growing but they cant tell if its Tuberculosis test. It has to sit a few more weeks to know for sure. But I cant go to work and have to wear a mask everywhere I go. The doctor said this may explain my systoms


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                              I hope that all your symtoms is because of a bacteria