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Symptoms despite CMIA 4th Gen negative

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  • Symptoms despite CMIA 4th Gen negative

    Dear DTAP,

    22M here, Hi doctor, I'll give you a good background. In April I had unprotected oral intercourse(I was insertive) from a CSW and a month later I got Epididymitis. Saw a number of urologists and after several rounds of antibiotics the discomfort was cleared. The urologist diagnosed me with chronic Epididymitis and said that the pain may flare up once in awhile. All the while I was very very anxious about HIV. Took a urine test and was cleared of gonnorhea and Chlamydia at that time. This encounter however made me become a hypochondriac about HIV. I expressed my worries to the different doctors and was told to relax about it. In late September(5 months/ 154 days after exposure), I had an ulcer in my mouth and could no longer be in fear so I took a blood test, the 4th Gen antibody/antigen test and the results for hep a,b,c and HIV was negative. I was super relieved and started to get on track with life, by starting to go back to the gym etc. In early November, I went to the gym and did some heavy bench presses without proper support for my head and the next day, I woke up with a sore chest and neck(right side of my neck). I went to several doctors thinking it was the worst and was given painkillers and muscle relaxants but the pain that started in the middle right section of my neck moved up to below my jaw and the under my wisdom tooth as well. I got a toothache from it and was worried. Several weeks go by and last week I started to feel Abit of discomfort in my right armpit area. Again, I Googled my symptoms and it was signs of swelling lymph nodes which is a common symptom in HIV. A few days back, I went to a hiv specialist and explained my condition. The doctor examined my neck and said he could not feel any lymph nodes and said that the chances of infection is extremely low given my exposure and the test result and recommended me to go to a physiotherapist for my neck pain. Right now, the area under my right jaw and chin is aching slightly but sometimes goes away for a few days and then comes back and is slightly painful when I press it. I'm beginning to freak out again and not sure what should I do. Is it possible that my lymph nodes are swelling and what could be the causes as I have no other symptoms. I feel Abit of discomfort in my armpits area but don't feel any lymph nodes there maybe because I am overweight or I'm just overthinking it. I am worried about delayed seroconversion. I also had noticed Abit of swelling or a hard ball at the back of my ear but the doctor said it is just the mastoid process and nothing to worry about and it went away after around 3 days. Most recently, I went to an ENT and he did a nasal scope and examination of my neck and armpit and said there was no sign of lymph nodes swelling and the feeling I have in my throat looks like a mild acid reflux. He advised me to start going back to my normal activities. What should I do?
    Thank you.
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