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    Hi Dr. I have exposure 1 month ago with 2 sex workers in Bangkok. 1st was a woman which I suspected her as a transgender woman with operation done. Did french kiss, Fingering, receiving oral(protected) and protected penetrative sex but I pulled out less than 10sec thinking she might be a trans. As for 2nd encounter was 100% woman and receive oral(protected) and protected virginal sex.
    was kinda worried more for 1st encounter. I doubt any of condom brokage and slip off I did all alere 4th gen hiv fingerprint hiv combo test at 14, 18, 21, 25, 27 and 31 days post exposure from 2nd encounter at anonymous test clinic, AFA and your clinic. Can I conclude and move on? As I worried the 4th gen test maybe false negative and don't know if my risk is consider high. Thanks in advance and hope for your kind advice Dr.

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    We would consider your 4th gen HIV testing at 31 days to be conclusive.