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4th gen test and Rna pcr test (40 days post exposure, 8 days post pep)

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  • 4th gen test and Rna pcr test (40 days post exposure, 8 days post pep)

    I have suspected exposure on 7th Jan 2019 and started on pep (Truvada plus tivicay) 62 hours after exposure. After completion of my pep, I took the 4th gen test, rna pcr test and viral load test on 40 days post exposure, 8 days post pep. All my results came back negative. However, on the same day, I start feeling my neck is sore. I went to two different doctors, one said I have swollen lymph nodes and the other doctor said I have stiff muscles.
    May I know is my results conclusive enough? Does the Pep delay the Seroconversion? Since it is already 8 days post pep, the viral load could detect the hiv virus if it is existed right?
    Please help to answer. I am really scare and anxious. Been on sleeping pills for days

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    The best time to recheck for a conclusive answer post PEP is at the end of 30 days after PEP

    I have attached more information below for your reading

    I hope that helps, take care
    HIV Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) has been established as a cornerstone of HIV prevention in the last 20 years. With newer, well-tolerated medications and better access to medical care, PEP has shown itself to be a safe and effective weapon in our arsenal against HIV infection.   Read: A Guide to HIV PrEP & HIV PEP


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      Hi Julian,

      I have taken the rna pcr test (203 copies lowest detection limit) and 4th gen hiv lab test 47 days post exposure, 15 days post pep. Does the results sound promising and conclusive? Should I relax already?


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        Dear overworried,

        You have done the 4th generation test 47 days post exposure - this would be considered conclusive.