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  • HIV RNA PCR Test Question

    Hi Doctors,

    I got tested at 43 and 47 days (6 weeks post-exposure) using 4th Generation Alere Combo both results were negative. But the thing that confuses me about is should I take the HIV RNA PCR Test test as well? I just want to make sure which test to take before getting an appointment at your clinic.

    Thank you in advance!

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    Hi. You have already done two 4th generation tests at 6 weeks post-exposure - these are conclusive. I do not see a need for HIV RNA PCR testing. However, if you still have concerns, you may come down to our Robertson Walk clinic for further consultation on HIV and other STDs.


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      Thank you Dr Jonathan for the big help! I was worried because I thought 4th generation lab tests are different to 4th generation Alere strip test. Are my results is a good indication that I'm free of STD's as well? Or should I go for a STD test at your clinic?

      Again, thank you!


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        Hi LoruAsk00,

        This HIV test alone does not cover all other STDs and being clear of HIV does not indicate that one is clear of other STDs. In fact, other infections are way more common e.g. Chlamydia, syphilis etc. A comprehensive STD screen would be best. Please do feel free to come by our Robertson Walk clinic - both Dr Jonathan and myself would be more than glad to speak to you.

        You may find this useful in terms of the other STDs to get screened for:


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          Thank you so much Dr Jonathan & Dr Grace. As for the information you have provided, I'm planning to take the STD Pack 6. However, should I wait after 3 month post-exposure HIV test and for the STD tests as well? Or should I go now for only STD tests? I'm really confused about the information on the internet about retesting at 3 months post-exposure, even though I had two negative-results at 6 weeks day 43 and 47. Again, thank you so much for helping me! Also, can I book an appointment directly to you or Dr Jonathan?


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            You don't have to wait further- it is fine for you to do STD screening now. As you have done the 4th gen test twice, there is really no need for re-testing, but of course we can have a discussion when you are here in person and we can explain more in detail. You can call our clinic at 62387810 to book an appointment so that we will know when to expect you.