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4th Gen Rapid point of care and PEP

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  • 4th Gen Rapid point of care and PEP

    Hi ,

    I was on PEP after contact with vaginal fluid contact exposure after 18 hour .

    I got laboratory assay 4th Gen on 1 days after finished PEP and

    28 days after pep (2 months post exposure)i got another 4th gen RAPID test which result came out in 15 minute.

    Here is my question
    How different between Laboratory assay test and Rapid test (both are 4th gen) ?

    Because I read UK National Guideline for the Use of HIV Post-Exposure Prophylaxis Following Sexual Exposure (PEPSE) 2015

    It said that

    The HIV test 8-12week post exposure must be on a 4th generation laboratory assay.

    Do I need to get laboratory test ?
    Is rapid test result reliable?

    thank you

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    Hi. We would consider both of the tests you have performed now to be conclusive - no HIV infection. There is no need to repeat further testing at this point.