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HIV window period 84 days or 90 days

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  • HIV window period 84 days or 90 days

    Hello doctor. Would like to clarify with you whether the HIV test results conclusive at 84 days which is 12 weeks? Or should i wait till 90 days to get the conclusive results. I am really confuse as some says its conclusive at 3months and some say its 12 weeks. I would like to know which is the conclusive window period as i am about to go for a check. Thank you doctor and really appreciate you to have this forum.

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    Realistically there is almost no difference between the two, so if you are concerned just go ahead and test at 12 weeks (this is for a 3rd generation HIV test). Alternatively, get a 4th generation HIV test which is recommended as first-line screening now anyway, and you do not have to worry at all (the window period for the 4th gen test is 28 days).