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is it conclusive?

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  • is it conclusive?

    Hi doctor,
    My recent exposure was at 15/01/2019, and I got tested on 27 days and 51 days after the exposure, with HIV 4th generation lab test (ag/ab).
    My results are both negative. Is it consider as conclusive? should I retest on 12 weeks?

    Besides that, I heard that Hep C may prolonged the window period of HIV. Is it true?
    I have not tested for Hep C yet. when should I get tested?
    Let say after the test, I am diagnose with HepC, should the window period of HIV extended to 3 months or 6 months?


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    Hi. Yes, we would consider your testing conclusive at this point. Hepatitis C coinfection has only been shown to rarely delay seroconversion (antibody formation). However, 4th generation HIV testing looks for both antigen and antibody, so the window period for this test will not be affected.