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    2 months ago i had a massage but from a freelancer(prostitute). No penetration or intercourse. She gave ma a handjob and slides her breasts against my penis. I also sucked her breasts. she had lubricant on her body. I tested at 4 weeks(31 days) and 7 weeks(49 days) via cmia 4th gen. Is this conclusive? I currently have a swollen lymph node under my jaw. Should i test again? Am i at high risk?

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    There is no risk of HIV from your exposure in the first place. And yes, even if there was a risk, your tests are conclusive already.


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      Thank you doctor, your doing an amazing job by answering question in these forums. One last question, what the swollen lymph node it just on on my neck and i can feel it but its not that big.