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Hiv testing and symptoms

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  • Hiv testing and symptoms

    • I had un protected sex with csw in bangkok after 9 days pcr rna test non reactive and after 34 days my hiv antibodies test non reactive with CMIA method which genaration i dont known today 66 day's last 14 days back a small node appear in my near ear still existing and 4 days back another node appeared in ear back side this is small pain. Sir the above two tests are conclusive are further tests required? The above symptoms related to hiv sir please clarify sir

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    Hello my friend,

    I would like to share this article with you regarding HIV signs and symptoms.

    It is comforting to know that your tests at 34 and 66 days have come back negative. However, for these tests to be of value before 90 days, it has to be a 4th generation test (antibody and antigen).

    A 90 day test with any test - 3rd or 4th generation is usually conclusive.

    If you are worried, please see us in clinic at 90 days for a conclusive test to close this chapter for you

    Take Care
    Acute Retroviral Syndrome, or ARS. These acute HIV symptoms may occur in about 70-80% of people. ymptoms or signs of late stage HIV / AIDS may include


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      Sir rna pcr test 9 days after and hiv cmia test 32 after the above tests conclusive or not