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Recurrent feeling unwell after 4th gen test

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  • Recurrent feeling unwell after 4th gen test

    Good evening doctor,
    I had done an initial 4th gen alere hiv combo rapid test at 4th week, 6th week and was negative However I had developed pneumonia at week 10 hence was warded at HDU and they did ag/ab test at week 10 n the result was non reactive at 0.49. So I was happy however after 2 weeks at week 12 my fever n flu symptoms since the pneumonia persisted hence I took another 3rd generation antibody test at 87days n another 4th gen alere hiv combo test at 92 days. They were negative, since this is after 90 days is this conclusive enough? I have an anxiety problem?..the reason I did so many test is due to my persistent flu n intermittent fever and my pneumonia scared me ..what would your advice be from here?..please help?

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    A 4th generation test is 100% conclusive after 42 days si no problem move on


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      You have done 5 HIV tests and all of them were negative. Do you really think all these 5 tests were wrong?
      Your anxiety is getting the better of you and you are not being logical.
      Persistent fever and pneumonia are indeed worrying but I would be more concerned about things like TB, Diabetes or even Lung Cancer
      Unless you have a very specific kind of pneumonia known as PCP, you really should not be worrying about HIV
      HIV Window Period: When it comes to HIV testing, two of the most common questions we have are “When Can I Test for HIV?” and “Are My Results Conclusive?”