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Is Anonymous HIV Testing Totally Anonymous?

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  • Is Anonymous HIV Testing Totally Anonymous?

    What is Anonymous HIV Testing? Is it totally Anonymous? I am a foreigner living in Singapore.

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    Hi Melvin,

    Thank you for your question. Yes you can be assured that the HIV test done at our Anonymous HIV testing clinic at Robertson Walk is 100% anonymous.
    First of all, we do not even ask you to provide your name or passport number or any other identifying information.
    The test is done on the spot and you will get your results in 20 minutes.
    There will be no record of you ever having even visited our clinic.
    Even for people who test positive, we still do not ask them for any personal details.
    We simply counsel them on what they have to do next.

    For more information on Anonymous HIV testing at our clinic at Robertson Walk please see:
    Our Anonymous HIV/STD Testing clinic in Singapore is provided to local and foreign individuals who may walk in without giving their personal details such as name, address, contact details, and passport number for a confidential consultation and HIV Test.


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      Anonymous HIV testing is, You don't have to do anything. Or ask. If you don't want to give your name, they give you a number. When the test comes back that number is ready and you ask for the results to that number test. The test is totally anonymous and everyone is encouraged to go. It saves many lives, not only yours but everyone you have been with. They will not report your name or address as you are a statistic.