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  • life is hell

    Dear docs,
    i have had protected oral sex and genital rubbing with condom. no intersection happened due to softness of penis as I was drunk, however I self masturbate and ejaculate in the condom. not aware whether the csw is on menstruation but feel some bloody on the condom. 10 days later I have one cherry red itchy ulcer on the buttock and the tip of the nose becomes red. it subsides within 4 to 5 days. another itchy blister occur on arm and inner thigh which is very itchy..however it also subsides by week . 2 to 3 small red pimples on chest ...comes and go with itching. 3 days temperature fluctuation from 96.2 deg Fahrenheit to 98 deg Fahrenheit. feels extremely sleep..extremely paranoid.. pain at the back of tongue may be due to ulcer. tested hiv combi pt (e411 Roche) sandwich assay test for p24 antigen antibody test against hiv 1 &2 on 29th, 33rd and 35th day after exposure and the cutoff index result are as follows respectively: 0.266, 0.324 and 0.304. the result are from the same laboratory.
    extremely itchy scalp, itchy red blisters come and go, tiredness...and recently loss of apetite. please help. are the results conclusive, however I will do another test from different lab at day 42 as per CDC guideline. is it hiv or herpes simplex virus. no genital ulcer. only ulcer happened discretely sometimes at back of knee, or at back..sometimes. plz help.

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    dear doc, please respond to my query, please help.


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      today I discover a small pimple like at the scrotum which is painless almost after 5 weeks , is it syphilis ?


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        Going by the multiple 4th Generation HIV tests that you have done, all of which were clear, I would say you do not need to worry about HIV.
        Your symptoms sounds a lot more like HSV
        But the itching could well be die to scabies or lice
        On other words, see a Doctor. Get yourself diagnosed
        Do not worry about HIV


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          Thank you very much doctor. i have a family, so please tell me if I spread the hsv to my family members. i have a little it possible that she shud get contaminated from me by skin to skin contact...plz help. is hsv curable?


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            Dear doc, as you said it could be hsv, however my query is that without any genital or mouth ulcer and only one itchy rash at leg and back of knee can be called hsv? till today I do not have any genital or mouth sore.


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              Dear kal_007,

              To be human is to have the occasional red spot or bump or rash. Not everything is attributed to an STD. If you are worried about HSV, get yourself tested. HSV is not curable. Having said that, HSV is a very common infection and the majority of the population will have it by the time they are old and the symptoms are usually just mild.

              Thank you