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HIV PCR after PEP/ exposure during PEP

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  • HIV PCR after PEP/ exposure during PEP

    I was exposed to hiv on 25 June 2020 when the man put blood in a wound that he created near my vagina. I did not take PEP. Two weeks later I had sex and the man removed the condom during sex, and I went for PEP which I started 30 hours later. After two doses of PEP, I did a hiv PCR to see if the first exposure (from 25th Jun caused an infection). The PCR test result was negative. I was worried that the two days of pep might have affected the result to give a false negative. Please advice.

    While taking pep, I had symptoms such as thrush, skin burning, pricking on feet, and night sweats. I got anxious and went crazy, which led me to have a third exposure 6 days before finishing pep. (We used a condom but I was not sure if he had broken the condom by pricking holes in it).

    my tests so far are as follows:
    -One week after PEP, I took a fourth gen antibody test, it was negative.
    -20 days after PEP I took a PCR test which came out negative.
    but I still have some symptoms like I feel pricking on my feet and hands, bad smell and taste in mouth, skin burning, and skin around toes is peeling.
    Do you think that the PCR is conclusive 20 days after pep (even with my unsure possible exposure)? My doctor says that the PCR is conclusive but I’m not sure.