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  • Please help me I beg

    IS there anyone capable of giving me a good advice on this ? I'm really tired and I don't know what to do anymore.

    It's been 1 year since my penis injury was healed, that included ED and PE aswell, and yet I feel I am not completely healed.

    My symptoms : I canno't achieve 100% erection like before, and I feel it has to be something organic, but excluding the mental anxiety possibility.

    - I get morning wood around 80% erect
    - I can get erect around 85% with masturbation, in all positions, excluding that in which I bend my knees up, then the erection goes 100 % and it can stay like that even if I return to other positions , it's weird, it feels like that bending of knees releases a "lock" or something, either be it in the blood flow ? pelvic floor ? nerves ? I don't know

    It's really stressing because I know there is something that happens when I bend my knees and I am on my back that releases the erection to 100%, I don't know what tests to do, doppler? nerves testing ? could a nerve be pinched or such things ? If someone would tell me what tests I can do I think I could solve this...

    Been to a few doctors in my third world country and they don't even know what doppler is.

    I have tested hormones like numerous times, it's all up and good with testosterone, etc. my diet is fresh and healthy, I gym and run a lot, I don't smoke drink or even drink coffee, and my stress levels are low with meditation, yoga, breathing

    I'm 100% sure it's organic but I don't know how to approach this, any ideas ? help

    And I do not watch porn