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Priapus shot for ED?

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  • Priapus shot for ED?

    hi. can i check if any of the clinic offer this?
    i am suffering from ED and have seen a couple of doctor, did several blood test, underwent shockwave therapy and no improvement in my issue.

    There is also nothing to explain what caused my issue as all my test indicate nth wrong with me.

    i came to know about this P shot on the web and was thinking of giving it a try.

    i am only early 30 and i dont wish to rely on pills thus i am seeking some form of permanent solution.

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    The Priapus Shot also called the P-Shot, is a medically proven, safe and best treatment for male impotence (ED). The P-Shot is one of only a few non-surgical male enhancement treatments that may increase penis size and improve sexual performance while treating erectile dysfunction.