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Tight foreskin, phimosis need help

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  • Tight foreskin, phimosis need help

    Hi, I would really appreciate if any doctor could clear up my concern.
    I am sure that I have phimosis, I can pull back the foreskin when my penile is not erected. But the blood can't discharge well, I think the skin is too tight that clap the head, the head turns into purple (I think the foreskin is tight and the blood can't flow back). And I only can pull the skin back halfway to the head during erection.

    I just talked to my doctor today and he just told me that I don't have to worry about it much; I just need to wash any visible part I could for hygiene. The smegma on around the head is fine. Is this true?
    Plus he gave me a lotion called "betamethasone dipropionate" from TARO, he claims that this would help the skin lose the tightness a bit and easier to pull it back. It said I have to apply it twice a day. Is this true as well? I checked on google, seems like this lotion is for infection or inflammation. But I am fine, there's no itchy or hurt nor pain. Basically, he just saying the lotion is for lose the skin.

    Please help me to clear my confusion. Kind regards.
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    Hi. It does sound like you have Phimosis
    Betamethasone cream is commonly prescribed to help stretch the foreskin
    As this site is not to dispense medical advice, I suggest you return to see your Doctor
    You may read more about phimosis in the attached link
    Learn about phimosis treatment in a video that walks you through the causes of unusually tight penis foreskin. Find out if you are at risk of phimosis and the possible treatments that are available today to treat this medical condition.